EU Cohesion Policy aims at reducing inequalities among European countries.

Do you agree with the idea of redistribution of wealth between richer and poorer countries in Europe?

I totally don't, it's a waste of money
I do, but I am not sure the EU is the right tool for it
I don't, it is risky for nations
Absolutely, we have to help one another for a more stable EU
I do, but it's too theoretical as a thing

People can identify with different areas, referring to a geographical or cultural sense of belonging.

Among the following, which one do you identify with?

European Union
Your nation
Your region, as an independent territory
Your region, as a part of Europe
Europe as a cultural unit
Your wider area (Mediterranean, Continental... )

The EU is formed by 28 member states.

Do you think being a member of the EU is a good thing?

No, it deminishes my country
Maybe a different EU
Yes, but we need to improve it
Good for stealing money
Absolutely, we would collapse without it

Citizens can show different levels of confidence in public institutions.

Which of the following do you trust more?

National Government
European Union
Regional Government

The EU is often in the spotlight of critics and debates.

What do you think is the problem with the EU?

It's too technical, and in contrast with national governments
It's a good concept, but badly managed
It's corrupted and we soak money into it
It's a bad concept to begin with: each nation is different and should mantain its independence
There should be a European Government, with more power over national governments

The European Union has gone through many events from its foundation.

Has your position towards the EU changed in time?

I've always been pro Europe, but I'm a bit tired of the technicalities that stop the EU project
I was pro EU, now I'm totally disappointed with the bureacratic nonsense it stands for
I've always been pro EU, I think it's effective, but I'm starting to worry about the level of total expenditure to make it work
I've always been pro EU, and I always will
I am not openly against, but I perceive it as overstructure, not really effective on local problems
I've always been against EU, and I always will

Corruption means dishonesty and illegal behaviour by people in positions of authority or power.

Which one of the following institutions is the most corrupted?

Your local governing institutions
The European Union
Your regional governing institutions
National governing institutions

The annual EU budget is €145 bn. A large sum in absolute terms, but only about 1% of the wealth generated by EU economies every year.

Have you ever heard about any of the following: Cohesion Policy, Regional Policy, ERDF, ESF?

No, none of the above
Yes, 2 out of 4
Yes, 3 out of 4
Yes, 1 out of 4
Yes, all of the above

European projects have tangible results ranging from job creation, positive impact on regional disparities and an increase in GDP.

To your knowledge, have you ever benefited in your daily life from any project funded by the EU?

I don't know
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