Here comes the

Final Conference


19 06 2019 > Brussels

Does Europe feel European?

Time to find out. The PERCEIVE team will present the research findings on three main themes: citizens’ perception and identification with the EU, the communication of the Cohesion Policy and guidelines on the implementation process. 

What is the Final Conference about?

Research wrap up

Researchers from PERCEIVE team will present the development of the project through the analysis of several topics: identity with the EU, corruption, governance, perception and support of Cohesion Policy and its integration with Rural Policies.


Policy Guidelines

PERCEIVE team will share the final output of the project: recommendations for Cohesion Policy implementation and communication, practical insights for policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders from the European institutions or LMAs.


We also want to hear from you! Participants will be invited to take part in the discussion, sharing their experience and shaping together an improved Cohesion Policy. The discussion will be introduced by members of DG REGIO and Committee of the Regions.

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