PERCEIVE Work Package 7

Dissemination and communication

PERCEIVE interacts and engages with a wider audience


The main objectives of this work package are, from a project-wide standpoint:

  • To maximise comprehensibility of the project at different levels
  • To support general visibility of research activities

From a process communication perspective:

  • To open specific communication channels towards research users within non-academic sectors
  • To create specific communication tools to support WP1 focus groups and research actions in order to develop a progressive dissemination connection
  • To analyse what type of outputs/outcomes focus group participants might expect from the project so to grant a better and more relevant communication delivery during the project
  • To make the research process as open as possible to comments and contributions from the web
  • To make the research temporary findings available to different extents and levels of depth
  • To make research results and temporary findings easily shareable among practitioners and research users

In terms of medium term result dissemination:

  • To reach out for civil society’s theme enthusiasts
  • To produce influence on new EU projects’ disseminations WPs
  • To give a visually engaging representation of the research outcomes relevant to a wide target
  • To share European project impact and communication variables with the EU political architecture
  • To share European project impact and communication variables with the EU lobbying architecture


  • M17: Project identity building, month 4;
  • M18: Wide social media startup, month 18;
  • M19: Website launch, month 18;
  • M20: Web interactive interface, month 34.

WP7 Deliverables

D 7.1 · WP7

December, 2016

Project presentation and storytelling website


D 7.2 · WP7

December, 2016

Dissemination and Communication Strategy


D 7.3 · WP7

August, 2019

Digital simulation interface


D 7.4 · WP7

August, 2019

Social media engagement report


D 7.5 · WP7

February, 2019

Policy Brief (1): Guidelines on Cohesion Policies Implementation


D 7.6 · WP7

June, 2019

Policy Brief (2): Guidelines on Cohesion Policies Communication


WP7 Updates

Wokshop with LMAs in Bologna, Italy

by University of Bologna, BAM! Strategie Culturali | 19/04/2018

Deliverables 7.1 and 7.2 are online!

by BAM! Strategie Culturali | 23/11/2016

Work package 7 delivered its Dissemination and Communication Strategy and the Project presentation and storytelling website.