Public Deliverables

10/03/2017 / “Deliverable 5.1: Short contribution (report) to be used in dissemination events about the empirical relevance of a social constructivist and discursive approach to EU identity emergence and integration”

10/03/2017 / “Deliverable 4.1: Report on Urban policies for building smart cities”

23/12/2016 / “Deliverable 7.1: Project presentation and storytelling website”

23/12/2016 / “Deliverable 7.2: Dissemination and Communication Strategy”

31/05/2017 / “Deliverable 4.2: Report on the synergies between EU Cohesion Policy and rural development policies”

6/07/2017 / “Deliverable 3.1: Qualitative report on the impact and effectiveness of communication strategies from the semi structured interviews with cohesion policy practitioners (including third-party partners in the consortium), written by each partner”

30/08/2017 / “Data Management Plan”

Month 12 / “Deliverable 2.1: Report including the database development and implementation and how it supports all the project WPs”

Month 17 / “Deliverable 2.3: Report on the construction of the EQI indicator Qualitative report with main findings from the survey and discussion of comparative results from the application of the indicator of perception in the different case study regions”

Month 22 / “Deliverable 2.4: Report on the probabilistic model of estimation of citizens’ identification with the EU project and ranking of the case study regions”

Month 18 / “Deliverable 2.5: Report on the results of the convergence analysis of EU citizens’ identification with the EU project from 1995 up to now”

Month 32 / “Deliverable 2.6: Report on the influence of the perceptions of corruption and governance on EU citizens’ support for EU Cohesion Policy”

Month 14 / “Deliverable 3.2: Qualitative report with main findings from the interviews”

Month 16 / “Deliverable 3.3: Descriptive report on the specific role of new media in EU financed projects’ communication strategies”

Month 22 / “Deliverable 3.4: Report on the statistical analysis of communication efforts’ impact and effectiveness on citizens’ awareness and appreciation of EU financed projects”

Month 12 / “Deliverable 4.3: Report on Smart Cities and Resilience”

Month 14 / “Deliverable 4.4: Report on the policy recommendations on how to integrate Cohesion Policy with Urban and Rural policies”

Month 15 / “Deliverable 4.5: Report on the comparative analysis of experts’ and citizens’ perceptions and views”

Month 14 / “Deliverable 5.2: Database of the topics and sentiments to be made available online for further research”

Month 15 / “Deliverable 5.3: Production of a report discussing (including visualizing topographic maps of meanings) the emergent topics in identity relevant discourse at the different levels”

Month 17 / “Deliverable 5.4: Report of the comparative analysis of the correlation between topics emergent from regional discourses on the one hand, and the awareness and perceptions of the EU(from Eurobarometer)on the other hand”

Month 26 / “Deliverable 6.1: Report on causal qualitative model”

Month 34 / “Deliverable 6.3: Report with analysis of model behaviour and scenario analysis”

Month 36 / “Deliverable 7.4: Social media engagement report”

Month 30 / “Deliverable 7.5: Policy Brief (1): Guidelines on Cohesion Policy’s Implementation”

Month 34 / “Deliverable 7.6: Policy Brief (2): Guidelines on Cohesion Policy’s Communication”