BAM! Strategie Culturali

Bologna, Italy Project Dissemination Leader

Partner description:

BAM! Cultural Strategies is a consultancy and design company based in Italy specialised in audience development and cultural management. BAM! works with a project management approach and developed a specific know how in designing, conducting and measuring the impact of complex public projects with a specific focus in participation building and community marketing. BAM! devises and manages participative projects in terms of management and communication structures, fostering information sharing and identity building as organizational tools.

What they do for Perceive:

BAM! coordinates WP7 activities with a specific focus on dissemination and communication towards nonacademic stakeholders and wide audiences. In doing so the group will benefit from the specific know-how on impact and communication processes both for active engagement actions and outreach-related data gathering. The expertise in communication of European projects helps in managing the complexity of networked communication and stakeholder engagement. Thanks to the experience in branding, composing and organizing complex content communication BAM! manages the whole channel mix and user interaction structure both for digital actions (web, social networks, direct mailing, digital simulation platform) and non-digital actions (events, paper materials, graphic publications).

Academic Staff

Davide Baruzzi

Title: Project Manager
Role in PERCEIVE: Head of Dissemination and Communication


Davide Baruzzi creates projects, studies interfaces, elaborates branding processes and deliberates over the identity of cultural organisations and geographical areas. Thanks to his quirky obsession for anything complicated, he’s often travelling around Europe giving talks on our projects and teaching techniques in workshops and master-classes, which we are only able to do thanks to our partnership with the IED and a handful of universities.

Lucia Baruzzi

Title: Assistant Project Manager
Role in PERCEIVE: Dissemination and Communication Team Coordinator


Lucia Baruzzi gained her master in International Relations at the University of Bologna, after two mobility periods as visiting student at Copenhagen University and University of California, Berkeley. During her master she specializes in communications for nonprofit organizations, thanks to her internship for the international NGO Child Finance, based in Amsterdam. Now she works with BAM! as Project Manager Assistant and with the Italian NGO GVC as Communications and Fundraising assistant.

Latest contributions:

Does the message get across? Improving the communication of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI)

16th October 2017 | By BAM! Strategie Culturali | Events

Last week at the European Week of Regions and Cities, which gathered thousands of participants from all over Europe, communication has been at the centre of the stage. The lack of awareness on Cohesion and Regional Policies among citizens is becoming an issue that needs to be tackle. Why the most local and tangible European policies are not even known by Europeans?

What are EU Regions talking about? A quick glance at the European Week of Regions and Cities

10th October 2017 | By BAM! Strategie Culturali | Events

The European Week of Regions and Cities is a four-day event that takes place every year since 2003 during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and discuss the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.

As we’ve seen with Brexit and the Catalan situation, regional level may prove quite important for Europe. As we mentioned elsewhere (our case-study regions, cities vs countryside) PERCEIVE Project has a regional focus too and we decided to dive directly into this European event to dig deeper into the topic.