Cities and countryside: a different perception of Europe

4th September 2017 | By University of Portsmouth | Research

Voting preferences on Brexit showed a great divide between rural and urban areas. Should the European Union reconsider its approach and lean towards less spatially blind policies? This is still an open debate, yet it has to be clearly addressed in the future. Read on to find out more about our research findings from University of Portsmouth‘s team.

European cities are smart!

29th August 2017 | By University of Portsmouth | Research

Smart cities projects have increased their popularity worldwide since their very first implementation. But how and to what extent have they expanded in the European Union? On which topics they have been focusing on? Read further for fresh findings from University of Portsmouth‘s team.

A lesson from Brexit: the future of European Union toward evidence-based policies

3rd April 2017 | By University of Portsmouth | People

Why PERCEIVE is important to cast light on Brexit? Gianpiero Torrisi, Senior Lecturer at Portsmouth Business School, explains how the project will lead to a more evidence-based policy approach. Policy makers will greatly benefit thanks to a deeper understanding of the interaction between the EU structure and its narrative.