Citizens vs. practitioners: contrasting opinions might explain different perceptions of EU performance

2nd May 2017 | By Romanian Academy - Institute of Agricultural Economics | People

Can different ideas on Cohesion Policy influence the perception of its efficiency? Monica Mihaela Tudor, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Economics of Academia Romana, tells us how PERCEIVE is going to investigate the difference that might exist between practitioners’ view on this relevant EU policy and European citizens.

What’s your favorite part of the project?

The comparison between citizens‘ and practitioners‘ views of the EU Cohesion Policy that allow us to understand and explain the spatial discrepancies between EU citizens’ perceptions of European Policy performance. Through PERCEIVE we try to understand whether the Cohesion Policy is perceived and understood by the EU citizens in the same way as it is conceived by practitioners; in other words, we want to know if the discrepancies between opinions of the two categories of regional actors could have an influence on the perception on the cohesion policy efficiency.

Do you have any specific expectation on the project?

A research goal that we expecting from PERCEIVE is to identify of synergies and complementarities between EU Cohesion Policy and other policies supported by EU – namely, rural and urban –  that could contribute to a better understanding of the EU citizens’ perceptions on European Policy performance, as a whole.

Who do you think this project is useful for?

We expect that PERCEIVE to provide specific tools and to contribute to the development of local managing authorities and policymakers skills in order to become able to modeling regional policy interventions so that to maximize their efficiency and relevance for the EU citizens.


Project Updates

Deliverables 4.1 and 5.1 are online!

22nd March 2017

Work package 4 has delivered its report on smart cities in the European Union and work package 5 its contribution on empirical relevance of a social constructivist and discursive approach to EU identity.

PERCEIVE’s Kick-off meeting

22nd March 2017

On the 26th and 27th of September 2017, the first meeting of Perceive Project was held at the University of Bologna. All the partners came from all over Europe to present their future research.

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